Italian Food Tour Of New York

Advance bookings only
Departs Wednesday to Saturday @ 12pm
Duration - 2 hours (approx.)
Meeting Point - In front of the Church of the Most Precious Blood, 109 Mulberry St, NY10013 (Nrst Subway: Canal St N/Q/R/6/J


The Italian Food Tour Of New York

Immerse yourself in the food and culture of one of New York's most colorful neighborhoods, Little Italy, and sample some of the best Italian food in NYC. Hear the stories behind the historic Italian landmarks that defined the immigrant experience at the turn of the 20th Century. Every delicatessen, bakery and pizza shop on The Italian Food Tour Of New York is over 100 years old!

  • All food is included 4 course lunch on the go (sidewalk tastings, or done inside the establishments)
  • Capacity 20 people per tour guide
  • Dress It's a walking tour, so wear comfortable shoes and clothing
  • Weather Tour takes place rain or shine
  • Neighborhood Little Italy

Italian Food Tour Of New York Itinerary

  • Parisi Bakery Frank Sinatra considered himself addicted to their prosciutto infused bread, as have many others over the past 103 years since this bakery opened!
  • Alleva Dairy The oldest cheese shop in America, this still family-owned and operated shop whips up 4,000 pounds a week of the freshest mozzarella and ricotta you'll ever taste!
  • Lombardi's Pizza America's oldest pizzeria! Their 106 year old coal oven still impresses locals, tourists, and international foodies alike
  • Ferrara Bakery Lucky for you, your tour guide has line jumping privileges. The line to this bakery has been one of the longest in New York since 1892!
  • Movie Locations Being Little Italy you'll recognize locations from films like The Godfather, Donnie Brasco, Mean Streets, Serpico, and even Sex and the City!
  • Curb Exchange The bootlegging depot of New York during the Prohibition era. See where all the deals went down, and find out what happened when they fell through...
  • Petrosino Square The public space named after New York's first Italian detective, who took on the five points gangs in a fight to the death!
  • Old St. Patrick's Cathedra The first Catholic Church in New York, this 200 year-old has hosted many high profile film productions, weddings, and memorial services. Take a look inside, you'll be wowed!
  • There are many more hidden stories and secrets in store on this cultural dive into Little Italy.
  1. “Little Italy Food Tour - by far the best!”

    by Dana C (a TripAdvisor Member) on 1 Apr 2014

    I have been on a few food tours, but the one through Little Italy is by far my fave (the Williamsburg Brooklyn one through this same company is a close second).

    What I loved about it was the wonderful mix of history and food. It truly made me appreciate the area and the food I was eating so much more.

    Our guide, Walter, was warm, friendly and told the most interesting stories about all the things we were seeing and eating. He helped to give the overall rating a "5".

    The choices of establishments were we went to eat was spot on and I brought home some yummy goodies.

    I would highly recommend this tour to native NYers and visitors alike.

    From TripAdvisor
  2. “excellent”

    by e k (a TripAdvisor Member) on 4 Mar 2014

    alex was an excellent guide on our italian food tour of ny on 2/8 at noon.. he was very knowledgable, courteous, friendly and considerate. we all had a great time..

    Visited February 2014

    From TripAdvisor
  3. “Great New York Tours -some are great - some not so much.”

    by ash_nyc_107 (a TripAdvisor Member) on 5 Feb 2014

    It depends on who is leading the tour. I've taken two tours with Walter, and a third with Justen or Jason, I can't remember his name. I'm planning on taking a fourth tour, but I won't go with anyone except Walter. Walter has a great personality and makes it a real experience. He is full of New York City lore, and is happy to answer questions and engage with the tourists. The other guy just dragged us around from place to place, filling us up with food rather unceremoniously. If Walter had been the only tour guide with whom I'd taken a tour, my rating would have been at least a Very Good. I'm a native New Yorker, and I am taking these tours because I'm a food writer and people are always asking for recommendations. I wish I could be more enthusiastic.

    Visited January 2014

    From TripAdvisor
  4. “Italian Food Tour of New York - Great New York Tours”

    by Crew-and-Company (a TripAdvisor Member) on 5 Feb 2014

    We met a friend and found our guide, Alex, on Mulberry St., with our Groupon. As the group was gathering, Alex immediately began explaining where we were, the history of the area, and what we would do and see. The next 90 minutes or so was filled with interesting, informative and funny commentary punctuated with the most amazing cheeses, breads, pizza and desserts - as we walked all over Little Italy and discovered authentic Italian shops we never would have found on our own. We stopped in the Basilica of Old St. Patrick's (which was the Cathedral Church of New York before the current St. Patrick's was built in midtown) and learned about its role in Gangs of New York. All in all, a great way to spend an afternoon in NYC! Definitely recommended - and ask for Alex!

    Visited February 2014

    From TripAdvisor
  5. “"Great" NY Tour”

    by hunnewell (a TripAdvisor Member) on 5 Feb 2014

    This was our first ever walking tour; we found them to be very well organized; our tour guide, Walter, was very knowlegeable and friendly on the Food Walking Tour. We would consider future tours with them and highly recommend. Contrary to previous reviews, there were bathroom stops along the way, just as an fyi. The pace was reasonable, the food delicious and having lived in New York all our lives, travelled the world, it was nice to learn and see something new right in our own backyard. Enjoy, you won't be disappointed.

    Visited January 2014

    From TripAdvisor
  6. “Italian Food Tour of New York”

    by Ann F (a TripAdvisor Member) on 5 Feb 2014

    A great walking tour of Little Italy. Our guide, Walter, was very knowledgable. We were fortunate to have a small group (4). Even though we try to get to the area each time we are in NY, we were unfamiliar with some of the spots and definitely did not know the history behind the area. Highly recommend. Looking forward to joining some of the other tours that are offered on our future trips to the city.

    Visited January 2014

    From TripAdvisor
  7. “Entertaining and tasty!”

    by Dan W (a TripAdvisor Member) on 4 Jan 2014

    I tagged along with a friend who purchased the tour on Groupon and had a great time. Most of the places we went to I had visited before in my hometown of Chicago, but really loved hearing about the backstory and info about the city as well. We had a very small group which was really great as it felt more personal and our samples were a little bit bigger. Our guide, Jessie, was super nice and seemed like she really enjoyed giving the tours which made it that much better.
    I guess my only complaint (which isn't one really, just something to note) was that the tour lasted from 3-5 but by around 4 it was definitely getting pretty dark (this was in late November). At this point it was hard to see some of the sights and it just started to feel really late -- most likely this is just me being a grandpa about things and not a reflection of the tour itself.

    Visited November 2013

    from TripAdvisor
  8. “Italian Food Tour of NY was good”

    by SLF639 (a TripAdvisor Member) on 4 Jan 2014

    The walking/food tour of Little Italy & Nolita was good. Our tour guide Alex did a great job coordinating our tour route (our large group was broken into 2 smaller groups, and the 2 guides had to make sure we didn't all show up at the same small venues at once). Alex shared historic and cultural tidbits, stories and urban legends, and welcomed any questions or comments. Food stops included 4 places (mozzarella, bread, pizza, dessert) -- but we were not full at the end (as I have been on other tours). Would have been nice to have someplace with a bathroom along the way; would also have been nice to get a bottle of water as we walked around.

    Visited December 2013

    From TripAdvisor
  9. “New Yorker”

    by Gail S (a TripAdvisor Member) on 4 Jan 2014

    I thoroughly enjoyed our Italian Food Tour of New York.
    Walter, our guide, was thoroughly invested in the enjoyment of all participants.
    He provided little known facts about Little Italy and prefaced all our food tastings with the historical background of each venue, each having been in business for more than 100 years.
    The food was excellent.
    I would highly recommend Great New York Tours.

    Visited December 2013

    From TripAdvisor
  10. Little Italy Food tour”

    by nancyannmarotta (a TripAdvisor Member) on 4 Jan 2014

    It was a very good time. Our tour guide, Walter was terrific and full of interesting information about the area.

    Visited December 2013

    From TripAdvisor
  11. “Eat Your Way Through Little Italy”

    by annajoyr (a TripAdvisor Member) on 4 Jan 2014

    Totally charming walking tour of Little Italy area with four food stops. Got to munch on mozzarella and prosciutto in a deli, salami bread at a bakery, pizza and finally a mini-cannoli, all of which was delicious. Our guide Walter was knowledgable about the area and had a bunch of anecdotes handy. All in all a pleasant two hours or so and I even returned to Parisi's bakery for their great and reasonably priced salami bread. The weather also cooperated.

    Visited November 2013

    From TripAdvisor
  12. “Two-Hour Italian Food Tour of New York”

    by A P (a TripAdvisor Member) on 6 Oct 2013

    This was a fun tour, even for native New Yorkers. Even though it was large group - 24, I believe, Alex, our tour guide, didn't lose anyone. He was quite knowledgeable when it came to facts and dates. The only tweaks I would make are - making the start time a bit later. As we made our tasting stops during lunchtime, many establishments were quite busy. After the tour, we returned to two of the stores which were then empty. Since restroom stops are not made, it was recommended that we go into one establishment which did not seem too happy with us. Comfortable shoes and a bottle of water are a must. Samples were sufficient, and in some instances, there were even extras.

    Visited September 2013

    From TripAdvisor
  13. “Delicious and informative”

    by SarahRose_817 (a TripAdvisor Member) on 6 Jun 2013

    We did the Italian Food Tour. It was a small group of us, which is fine because it makes it more personal and personable. We visited some amazing little delis and restaurants and got to sample a plethora of cuisines, all delicious. I'm a vegetarian and when we visited the charcuterie, they made a special veggie sample for me to try so I wasn't left out. Our guide, Alex, was hilarious and talkative. In addition to being informative about the food (from his first hand experience), he also was an art history buff as well and informed us about the architectural diversities of the different areas we visited, as well as had some weird/fun facts about the history of New York in general. Would definitely do this again, and will try to take any friends that come to visit as well on this tour.

    Visited May 2013

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