Brooklyn Food Tour

  • Duration: 2 hours (approx.)
  • Area: Williamsburg
  • Capacity: 20 persons per guide
  • Dress: It's a walking tour, so dress comfortably!
  • Departs: Fri-Sun, 3pm
  • Meeting Location: Outside the Bedford Ave L Train Stop, South Entrance, Bedford Ave & N. 7th St
  • Final Destination: Oddfellows Ice Cream, 175 Kent Ave


Brooklyn Food Tour

Ever wonder how Brooklyn’s hipsters fit into their 29-inch waisted skinny jeans? Prepare to wonder even more...because after this two hour tour of Williamsburg’s trendiest artisanal eateries, your own pants may become an inch too small. From wood-fired pizza and down home country barbecue to Brooklyn-made wine and walnut brittle, prepare for the hippest food tasting tour on the East Coast! (American Spirits and PBR not included!)

  • All food is included 6 tastings on the go (sidewalk tastings, or done inside the establishments)
  • Capacity 20 people per tour guide
  • Dress It's a walking tour, so wear comfortable shoes and clothing
  • Weather Tour takes place rain or shine
  • Neighborhood Williamsburg

Brooklyn Food Tour Itinerary

  • Fornino Since opening in 2004, Fornino’s wood-fired pizzas have racked up several awards, including 2007’s best pizza in NYC!
  • Handsome Dan Browse Dan’s wild selection of desserts and candies that scream 'only in Williamsburg', while you munch on some homemade Kings County Walnut Brittle.
  • Mable's Smokehouse Husband and wife owners from Oklahoma and Kentucky built every chair, table and barstool in the place. If you’re impressed with their woodwork, wait ‘til you try their ribs.
  • OddFellows Ice Cream Celebrating it's one year anniversary this summer, OddFellows' made-from-scratch ice cream has already been named the best in NYC!
  • Bagelsmith This bagel shop bakes on premises, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Sundried Tomato-Basil Tofu Cream Cheese anyone?
  • Mast Brothers New York's only bean to bar chocolate maker, the expert Mast siblings make superb artisanal chocolate from scratch, roasting and grinding single source cacao beans right here in Williamsburg!
  • Aside from the food, there is much more to experience on the tour, from street art to hipster watching, and the stunning view of Manhattan, there are many more hidden stories and secrets in store on this cultural dive into Williamsburg.
  1. “Brooklyn Foodie”

    by tlcback (a TripAdvisor Member) on 1 Jul 2014

    Our second NY Food Tour and again a great experience. I love the mix of neighborhood history with some great food. Its a great way to discover parts of New York. The tour group is fun we'v met people from the neighborhood as well as all over the country

    Visited June 2014

    From TripAdvisor
  2. “Brooklyn was great”

    by sdanser4 (a TripAdvisor Member) on 1 Jul 2014

    This was our second tour.First one was Chocolate tour.The Booklyn Food tour was fun and a lot of variety.Our guide Brendon made the walk interesting with the bits of local history.We started with pizza and ended with ice cream,with seven stops in between.

    Visited May 2014

    From TripAdvisor
  3. “Lots of great food!!”

    by Peter C (a TripAdvisor Member) on 31 May 2014

    We did the Williamsburg Food Tour on Saturday May 17, 2014
    The tour was very interesting
    It had a variety of stops: Pizza; bagel; cheese; chocolate; barbecue and ice cream. The portions at each were ample. I enjoyed the barbecue the best.The place was Mable's and we had pulled pork; brisket of beef and at Louis ribs. Each was excellent! The pizza was very good as well.
    The tour guide Brendon was very knowledgeable of the area and the restaurants we stopped at and he was very affable as well. I recommend this tour as a great newYork experience!

    Visited May 2014

    From TripAdvisor
  4. “Brooklyn Food Tour”

    by Noelia N (a TripAdvisor Member) on 1 Apr 2014

    As native New Yorkers, we like to visit different areas of the city to get to know what is new and popular. We had an amazing time with our tour guide Alex who was knowledgeable, friendly and so very entertaining. He was a fountain of historical stories, trivia and good jokes . The establishments we visited gave us a good "tasting" of what Williamsburg has to offer with a good variety of foods. The tour was leisurely yet thoroughly took us through the neighborhood. It was a great introduction into a new area for us and we will certainly be back.

    Visited March 2014

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  5. “Brooklyn Food Tour”

    by Bea P (a TripAdvisor Member) on 1 Apr 2014

    This was our second tour with great New York tours. Both tours were food tours. They were fun and delicious. Our tour guide, Brendon, was very good.

    Visited March 2014

    From TripAdvisor
  6. “Brooklyn Food Tour - good but too many sweets”

    by HI22 (a TripAdvisor member) on 1 Apr 2014

    I've done several Great New York Tours - chocolate and cupcake. They're great. I was excited for the food tour for real food (not sweets) in my neighborhood. Turns out I'd only tried 2 of the 6 places, which was great. The downside was 3 of 6 were either chocolate or ice cream. Don't get me wrong, I have a killer sweet tooth. But there are TONS of food places in the Williamsburg area. I think the tour should have included more food places (we tried bagels, pizza and barbecue) and fewer sweet places - that's what the sweet tours are for. Brendan was a solid tour guide but not outstanding like others I've had. Bare minimum effort it seemed. I'm used to guides who have a wealth of knowledge not just about the places we're attending but the neighborhood as well.

    Visited March 2014

    From TripAdvisor
  7. “Delicious Afternoon”

    by CSR56 (a TripAdvisor Member) on 4 Mar 2014

    Delicious afternoon. Walter provided entertaining and informative history of Little Italy and food establishments that we visited. All were wonderful and I look forward to visiting again. I have enjoyed all of the Great New York Food Tours that I have taken.

    Visited February 2014

    From TripAdvisor
  8. “Brooklyn food tour excellence”

    by Christopher R (a TripAdvisor Member) on 4 Mar 2014

    We had a fantastic day, mostly due to our wonderful tour guide, Alex. Not only was he knowledgeable about the sites we were taken to, but I got a chance to talk to him in between locations about all things history and New York and he knew quite a bit. I live in Manhattan and I was taking my parents on this tour as a gift; the tour far exceeded expectations. We got more food than I expected, and it was not at all touristy or corny.

    Visited February 2014

    From TripAdvisor
  9. “Brooklyn Food Tour”

    by ecooper89 (a TripAdvisor member) on 5 Feb 2014

    I bought a Groupon for the Williamsburg Food Tour (4 people) and it was awesome! We had such a great time. This was a really nice way to explore a neighborhood we don't usually frequent. I would definitely recommend this tour for anyone visiting New York or just looking for a food/NYC adventure.

    Our guide, Alex, was what made the experience so great. He was very friendly, personable, funny, and SO knowledgable - a true history buff. He knew so much about the history of Brooklyn, Manhattan, and the US and had so many interesting facts to share along the tour.

    The other great part was the portions. We assumed we'd get small "tasting" portions, but that wasn't the case at all! For example at Fornino, I thought we'd get a sliver of a slice of pizza, but we each had 1 1/2 full slices! The tastings were generous at each stop and we definitely felt satisfied after - actually, walking between stops was welcomed to keep our appetite going!

    The only negative comment I have was that the last stop, Brooklyn Oenology, couldn't accommodate our group so we had to cut the tour short. I'm pretty sure it was a fluke and it was in no way Alex's fault (he felt really bad about it), but it was a let down nonetheless. Even if this doesn't happen frequently, I would recommend Great New York Tours reserve space for their tours to ensure it doesn't happen. We were given cards to bring in and get our free tasting another time, but they're just business cards so I'm not sure they prove anything.

    Visited February 2014

    From TripAdvisor
  10. “Great NY Food Tour Williamsburg”

    by Amy S (a TripAdvisor Member) on 4 Jan 2014

    Great stops and terrific guide, Walter, makes this a terrific excursion. Seven varied ports - pizza, ribs, chocolate, cheese, wine - and a knowledgeable leader made this two-hour food tour a joy.

    Visited December 2013

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  11. “hipsters food tour”

    by Shavar C (a TripAdvisor Member) on 4 Jan 2014

    Great tour. Great opportunity to experience Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Establishments visited where great, food was excellent and service with a smile. Tour was done on a Sunday 11/17/13 and the weather was excellent. Good amount of walking, be prepared, but great way to work off food. Highly recommend this tour.

    Visited November 2013

    From TripAdvisor
  12. “Great Food Tour of Williamsburg Brooklyn”

    by Stephie4821 ( a TripAdvisor Member) on 4 Jan 2014

    Aside from the damp and chilly weather, this was an awesome day. Alex was our tour guide. He was excellent. Super knowledgeable of the history of Bklyn, funny and made us feel like we were getting a personal tour. I was totally impressed. The tour itself was very tasty with 7 different stops along the way. We used a groupon and paid 35.00 for two people. Def. worth it. Looking forward to doing the cupcake tour and chocolate tour in the future. Anyone looking for a fun and tasty adventure, this is a perfect way to spend the day.

    Visited November 2013

    From TripAdvisor
  13. “Groupon value for good food”

    by Matthew J (a TripAdvisor Member) on 6 Oct 2013

    We did the hipster tour, in Brooklyn. We started a little late because some folks were not there, and our guide decided to wait more than 10 minutes for them.
    All of the stops on the tour are tasty, including pizza (of course), and 6 other stops. We did not need dinner afterwards.
    On some tours, the guide gives you a lot of background about the stores or the neighborhood, whereas here that element was very small. Also, in only about half of the stops do you meet the restaurant people, whereas in others, the guide brings out the food.
    So, this tour has very good food, a super value with Groupon, but not much focus on selling the neighborhood or restaurants to you.

    Visited August 2013

    From TripAdvisor
  14. “Hipsters tour”

    by Garyhjohnson (a TripAdvisor Member) on 8 Aug 2013

    Took this tour in Williamsburg Brooklyn in degree heat but had a good time anyway. Most of the tastings were inside in A/C. Nice walking tour with food tastings of pizza, bagel, cheese, bbq, chocolate, walnut bridle, and wine. Took the tour because I had never been to this part of Brooklyn and wanted to see the neighborhood. Not sure why it's called a hipster tour but did enjoy the information and the food. Would recommend if you wanna see a different part of NYC and taste the local food offerings.

    Visited July 2013

    From TripAdvisor
  15. “A great way to see Brooklyn”

    by andromedaeve (a TripAdvisor Member) on 8 Aug 2013

    My husband and I participated in the "Hipster's Food Tour of NYC" that visited 7 different stores/restaurants in Brooklyn, New York. Our guide, Brendan, was great. He was friendly, and we liked his sense of humor.

    We got to sample pizza, brittle, bagels, BBQ, chocolate, cheese, and wine. We happened to use a coupon to participate, and it was a bargain with the coupon. Everyone was friendly, and I took lots of pictures. Next time, we will take the food truck tour! The full price of the tour seems a little high - I was glad we had the coupon, because I'm not sure I would have been as satisfied at full price.

    Funny - we were the only out-of-towners in the group. Everyone else were local, from the surrounding Burroughs/suburbs.

    My only advice is not to eat lunch before you go. We made the mistake of eating at Grimaldi's before the tour, so we couldn't enjoy the food as much as everyone else! Also - not really for kids. A mature child might appreciate the tour, but a rambunctious seven-year old like my son would have been a crazy maniac.

    Visited June 2013

    From TripAdvisor

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